• Chile up there

    Chile up there

    A very long and skinny country. That morning in Coquimbo I asked the lady at the market : How much for the “ceviches” Madam? -One “luca” each...

  • For my 20 readers

    My dear readers ; Yes, I am talking to you! You belong to the group of 20 people (more or less) that are loyal readers of these...

  • When travellers return home

    The Kaiping people. Let me tell you a story. During 19th century, the province of Guandong, or Canton, as it is called in the West, was neither...

  • Chinese people are patient!

    Why Chinese people are Chinese and not otherwise. If you ever happen to visit China you might realise that in addition to the fact that Chinese people...

  • Fish markets in Korea (2nd part)

    Even more fresh fish! The city of Busan, in the south of South Korea, has what is considered to be the best fish market in all the...

Battery Park and the lower Manhattan

Every time I have been to New York my visits are generally more ‘planned’ then they are ‘spontaneous’ because I have always travelled with a guide. One of the consequences of this is that my family always sees me as one of those tourist globe trotters that stand out like a sore thumb travelling around with a big tourist guide and 20 kg backpack (usually I only walk around with only 8 kg)!
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So this is it! This is the first time I am going on line to tell my adventures.
I will share all that is going to happen while I am doing my project : All the leaves and people, and hopefully what will happen afterwards!
So, don’t forget to read my future posts and thank you for coming!