For my 20 readers

My dear readers ;
Yes, I am talking to you! You belong to the group of 20 people (more or less) that are loyal readers of these posts, to be honest, I never expected to be read by more than 20 people!
I am writing to you because I wanted to explain why I have not published any new posts on the lasts 4 months!
As you may already know, when I started my blog, I got the “marvelous” idea of writing every post in three languages which is to say English, Spanish and French. The problem with this way of working is that every time I write a post, I got to write three! This small detail means that every post takes me thrice the time it would normally take me to write just one.
I would not say that I do not work on it, it is just that sometimes, writing a blog while you travel is somewhat difficult.
Why difficult? For starters, every day you get tempted not to work, for exemple, staying at a youth hostel means that there is always a lot of people around you who are looking into ways of having a party. There is also the fact that to do the writing you have to stay indoors so you can not be a tourist outside, and your brain starts messing up with you on the fact that you are travelling so you should be outdoors visiting something, sometimes I felt guilty of not being outside being a tourist.

The reason why I am telling you all this is that I want to explain why I could not write a post once a week as I had intended to do in the first place, just to keep that pace I would have been obliged to work one whole day once or twice a week.
From now on, I will write smaller posts and more personal. The first ones I wrote were more like a tourist guide and for the ones to come I intend to write my experiences during my travels from my point of view. One of my editors suggested that to me since day one, but I tried to do it my way….and it did not go that well.
Chances are you will read more of my posts in the future, smaller ones and hopefully more often.
And that is all folks! Thank you once again for being one of my 20 followers. And let me wish you a nice and lovely day.



3 Comments on “For my 20 readers

  1. Freducho!!
    That’s AWESOME!!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Any possibility of including a local joke, just to get a taste of what the local humor is like?
    G (the one in PDX)

    • Thank you;
      It is difficult as it is already, but I will think about that on my next post.
      Imagine that after I find a joke I will need to translate it in three languages.
      But thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Love your posts Freddy. I wish I could be traveling with you. I know both Cliff and I have said that our NY experience would not have been the same without you. Thank you and travel safe friend! Maybe someday we can travel together!

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